Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Street Style Inspired Nail Art

Hey guys!  I've been getting into fashion recently and fell in love with the New York street style.  It's full of mixed matched patterns, geometric shapes, and a smorgasbord of eclectic pieces that just work together some how.  So tonight I have some nail art to share that's inspired by street style.  I originally did this for the Sally Hansen's I Heart Nail Art contest during the Street Style month.  I didn't end up winning that month, unfortunately, but I did have fun finding some inspiration and coming up with this design.

 The THUMB has made an appearance! *gasp* *faint* *convulse* lol ok I'm done...

Polishes Used:
Sally Hansen Mint Sprint
Sally Hansen Coral Reef
Sally Hansen White On
Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue

What I did (instructions but not really lol):
On my thumb, index, and pinkie fingers I applied two coats of Mint Sprint then I drew various dots and geometric shapes with a dotting tool.  On my middle and ring fingers I did an acid wash method.  I applied two coats of Thinking of Blue, applied top coat, and applied one coat of White On.  Once that had a chance to set I got q-tip soaked in nail polish remover and rubbed it across my nail until I got the desired look of acid wash denim.

It's definitely something different for me, and I like it.  I'm planning on doing a video tutorial sometime in the future so I'll be sure to add that once I do it!

Where do you get your nail art inspiration from?  I love looking at clothing stores and fabric for inspiration.

Thanks for reading,

One more thing...

I recently uploaded my Top 11 polishes for Summer 2013!  You can check it out HERE or watch the video below.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nail Polish Spotlight: Sinful Colors Lavender

*blows off dust*  Oh hello there, its been a while!  I would go on about some excuse about how life and recently starting a job has kept me from blogging but I'll just say I've missed y'all and I've missed talking about polish so let's get on with the post shall we...we shall! : )

Today the polish spotlight is shining over one of my favorite Sinful Colors polishes, Lavender!

Sinful Colors Lavender

Lavender is a "different" color to me.  It's kind of a medium muted blue with hints of purple (or periwinkle) in it.

I honestly bought this on a whim without really looking at it (polishaholic problems) and left it in my stash for almost a year without touching it!  I rediscovered it while organizing my polishes and decided to whip it on and it was love at first swipe.  The formula of this polish is great and I was able to get full opacity in two coats.  The wear of this polish was also shockingly wicked! (I'm trying to expand my vocabulary here!)  Confession time:  I took the photos above after wearing this polish for 4 (or 5) days and, as you can see, my nails still look good.

What do you think of Sinful Colors Lavender?  I absolutely love it!

Thanks for reading,

One more thing...
For those of you that don't know, I have a YouTube channel and recently uploading my June Favorites!  You can check it out HERE or watch the video below.

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