Monday, April 29, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Lush Lacquer!

Hey everyone!  So I was looking through my photos to see what I wanted to post today and found lots of pictures from last year that I still haven't done post on!  The next couple of weeks will be "catch up" for me so that these pictures will finally have their time to shine on the blog! : )

Today I want to share some swatches of some Lush Lacquer polishes that I bought a while ago!  Lush Lacquer is an indie polish brand that has TONS of awesome glitter polishes that will make you drool! 

My small but MIGHTY Lush Lacquer collection (believe me, this will be expanding soon)!  From L to R:  Party Hearty, Salt n Peppa, and Summer Lovin.

Party Hearty:  A light pink polish filled with multi-sized glitter (including bright blue hearts)!

I was a little worried about the application since this had quite a few big hearts in it but it was surprisingly easy to fish out the bigger glitter after I left the bottle upside down for a few minutes.  (2 coats w/ top coat)

 Salt n Peppa:  A combination of black and white glitter with a hint of iridescent glitter in the mix.

Salt n Peppa reminds me of a very popular black and white glitter that I discovered when I first started blogging (indie polish lovers know which one I'm talking about) so I was happy to find a close dupe offered in a mini size.  The polish was easy to apply and laid nicely on my nails.  In the pic above I have 1 coat over Sally Hansen Coral Reef (left) and Wet n Wild On a Trip (right).

Summer Lovin:  A fun neon pink polish filled with pink, blue, white, and yellow glitters.

This polish is so fun!  The glitter was easy to apply and distribute on the nail.  The photo above doesn't show it's true neon-ness (is that even a word)?!  I think Summer Lovin is a perfect polish for summer.  I applied 1 coat over Sinful Colors Easy Colors Easy Going but I would recommend applying this over a white to get the full neon color on your nails.

I love indie polishes and Lush Lacquer has a bunch of polishes that I definitely want to add to my collection.  

What's your favorite Lush Lacquer polish?  I'm dying to get my hands on their neon glitters!  What indie polish brands do you like?
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dupe Alert?!: OPI I'm All Ears vs Sinful Colors Forget Now

Hey guys so recently I've been going through my collection and swatching my polishes on note cards.  As I was doing this I realized that I have quite a few polish dupes in my collection.  Today I'm going to share a possible dupe of one of my favorite OPI polishes!

The two polishes that I'm comparing tonight is OPI I'm All Ears (from the Minnie Mouse collection) and Sinful Colors Forget Now (permanent collection).

OPI I'm All Ears vs Sinful Colors Forget Now
Bottle comparison:  In the bottle the polishes look very similar but SC Forget Now is slightly darker than OPI I'm All Ears.

Click "Read More"  to see if these are dupes!

Friday, April 19, 2013

OPI Liquid Sands Swatches (Mariah Carey collection)

Hey guys!  Today I wanted to share some swatches of the OPI Liquid Sand polishes from the Mariah Carey collection!  I bought the minis so I could try out the textured polishes to see if I liked these textures polishes.

From L to R: Get Your Number, The Impossible, Can't Let Go, and Stay The Night

Click "Read More" to see swatches!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nail Polish Spotlight: Zoya Reece

Hey y'all!  Today the nail polish spotlight is going to shine over the beautiful Zoya Reece!

Zoya Reece: A rosy mauve duo chrome with gold frost.

Reece applied beautifully and was opaque in two coats.

I LOVE Zoya polishes!  They're easy to apply, long lasting, and come in a variety of colors and finishes.

What is your favorite Zoya polish?

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Nail Fail: My first stamping experience!

So last week I shared a nail art tutorial using my Bundle Monster stamping plates, which you can see HERE, and I think it turned out pretty well (unlike my first stamping experience)!  Today I wanted to start something new and share any nail fails that I might have for fun and to document my progress of learning a new nail art technique!

So I decided to try out some different polishes and designs to see what type of polishes would work for stamping.

And here is the end result...
The base color on my nails is Zoya Reece.

So yea...some polishes stamped better than others but I was definitely the reason why some of the designs didn't transfer on to the nail correctly.  I'm really excited to play around with my stamping plates more and I definitely want to pick up some more sets!

What are your favorite brand of stamping plates?  Also, what are your favorite brand of polishes to use for stamping?

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nail Tutoiral: Pastel Watercolor with Black Roses

Lately I've been itching to do some nail art so I decided to do a design inspired by a shirt I saw on!

 The Inspiration

The Result

I've already posted a video tutorial, which you can see HERE, but I wanted to do a picture tutorial for those of you that might prefer it.

Click "Read More" to see how I did this design!

Monday, April 8, 2013

My Top 13 Polishes for Spring 2013!

Hey guys so yesterday I shared some of my favorite Spring nail trends for this season (you can click HERE to see that post).  Tonight I want to share my favorite nail polishes for Spring 2013!

My top polishes for Spring 2013!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Nail Trends! (2013)

Hey guys!  Spring has sprung and the sun is finally coming out!  Spring is probably my favorite time of the year because of all of the fun nail trends and collections that start to pop up during this season.  Today I wanted to share some of my favorite nail trends for Spring 2013!

 Click HERE to watch my Spring 2013 trends + polish picks video!

Pastel Shimmers
Pastels are always on trend during the Spring, but I have noticed that a lot of nail companies have come out with pastel colors with subtle shimmer or some sort of iridescence in them!  Here are some of my favorite collections that include some pastels with a "kick":
 China Glaze Avant Garden Collection
Image Source: Facebook
 OPI Euro Centrale Collection
Image Source: Facebook

Julep Playful Collection
Image Source: Facebook

More Spring collections with pastel shimmers:

Cobalt Blue
I LOVE BLUE!!!  I don't now why I'm just discovering cobalt blues, but let me tell you they are awesome!  If you love vibrant colors, especially blues, you definitely need grab a few ( yes more than one) cobalt blue polishes.  Here are some beautiful cobalt blue polishes:
L to R: Essie Butler Please, OPI Eurso Euro, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
Image Source: Essie, OPI, Sally Hansen
Indie-esque Glitters
I've been a fan of indie polishes ever since I was introduced to them when I started blogging.  Indie polishes can vary as far as type and finish, but majority of indie polish makers make awesome glitter bombs! I know some people aren't too comfortable buying polishes from indie makers, but there's a solution!  Nowadays I've noticed a lot of mainstream nail polish companies coming out with some awesome glitter bombs!  Here are a few of my favorites:
 China Glaze Glitz Bitz 'N Pieces collection
Image Source: Facebook

Hard Candy Glitters
Image Source: Facebook

Other companies/collections with fun glitter polishes:

Textured Polishes
Textured polishes is the newest trend of the year and is kind of a love/hate thing amongst polish enthusiast.  They dry to a matte finish and leave a bumpy texture, almost like sandpaper, on your nails.  Personally I think textured polishes are okay; they look really pretty but I think I would just rub my fingers until all of the polish rubs off.  Here are some examples of textured polishes:
Zoya Pixie Dust Spring/Summer collections and Milani Textured Creams
Nail Art Stickers/ Strips
Nail art strips and stickers are another thing that is gaining more popularity these days.  Sally Hansen was the first mainstream brand to come out with them (don't quote me on that) and many other companies have as well.  They're a quick and easy way to do your nails with no dry time and they come in a ton of different designs!  I'm not a big fan of them but I am curious about the Essie Sleek Sticks.
 Essie Sleek Sticks

Holographic Polishes
Holographic polishes have been around for a while but have recently become a "trend" again!  Holos are so much fun to look at and when you get them in the sun your eyes might explode (not literally) from all of the holo beautifulness (<--- is that even a word? Lol)  Here are some holographic collections that I'm loving:
 China Glaze Hologlam collection
Image Source: Facebook

Color Club Halo Hues
Image Source: Facebook

Some more holo goodness:

So there you have it!  I'm so excited to see all of the bright colors and fun nail art for this season.  If you guys ever want to share your nail art (or just the polish on your nails) you can post a picture on my Facebook page

What's your favorite nail trend this Spring? 
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** Tomorrow I'll be posting my top 13 polishes for Spring 2013!**

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