Monday, April 29, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Lush Lacquer!

Hey everyone!  So I was looking through my photos to see what I wanted to post today and found lots of pictures from last year that I still haven't done post on!  The next couple of weeks will be "catch up" for me so that these pictures will finally have their time to shine on the blog! : )

Today I want to share some swatches of some Lush Lacquer polishes that I bought a while ago!  Lush Lacquer is an indie polish brand that has TONS of awesome glitter polishes that will make you drool! 

My small but MIGHTY Lush Lacquer collection (believe me, this will be expanding soon)!  From L to R:  Party Hearty, Salt n Peppa, and Summer Lovin.

Party Hearty:  A light pink polish filled with multi-sized glitter (including bright blue hearts)!

I was a little worried about the application since this had quite a few big hearts in it but it was surprisingly easy to fish out the bigger glitter after I left the bottle upside down for a few minutes.  (2 coats w/ top coat)

 Salt n Peppa:  A combination of black and white glitter with a hint of iridescent glitter in the mix.

Salt n Peppa reminds me of a very popular black and white glitter that I discovered when I first started blogging (indie polish lovers know which one I'm talking about) so I was happy to find a close dupe offered in a mini size.  The polish was easy to apply and laid nicely on my nails.  In the pic above I have 1 coat over Sally Hansen Coral Reef (left) and Wet n Wild On a Trip (right).

Summer Lovin:  A fun neon pink polish filled with pink, blue, white, and yellow glitters.

This polish is so fun!  The glitter was easy to apply and distribute on the nail.  The photo above doesn't show it's true neon-ness (is that even a word)?!  I think Summer Lovin is a perfect polish for summer.  I applied 1 coat over Sinful Colors Easy Colors Easy Going but I would recommend applying this over a white to get the full neon color on your nails.

I love indie polishes and Lush Lacquer has a bunch of polishes that I definitely want to add to my collection.  

What's your favorite Lush Lacquer polish?  I'm dying to get my hands on their neon glitters!  What indie polish brands do you like?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow! Great colors from Lush Lacquer :)

  2. Those are all so pretty! I especially like Party Hearty.

  3. Awesome photos! I really like those black and white glitters with a little something extra thrown in.


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