Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nail Tutoiral: Pastel Watercolor with Black Roses

Lately I've been itching to do some nail art so I decided to do a design inspired by a shirt I saw on!

 The Inspiration

The Result

I've already posted a video tutorial, which you can see HERE, but I wanted to do a picture tutorial for those of you that might prefer it.

Click "Read More" to see how I did this design!

What I used:
Sinful Colors Snow Me White (white)
Sinful Colors Be Happy (light teal)
NYC City Sweets Pink (light pink)
Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (light cobalt blue)
makeup sponge
old card (in place of the Konad scraper)

 1) Apply a base coat to your nails and apply one coat of a white polish.
 2) Grab your three colors for sponging ( I used pink, teal, and blue) and sponge each color on your nails. NOTE:  Before you apply the on your nails make sure to dab the sponge on a piece of paper to take off any excess polish.

3) Once you've got the desired look clean up any polish that gets on your skin and apply a topcoat to blend the colors even more.

4) Stamp the black roses on your nails.  NOTE:  Make sure your nails dry completely before you do this step.  In case you are a beginner at stamping you can see how I did it in my tutorial HERE or you can watch a stamping tutorial HERE.

5) Clean up around your nails again and apply a top coat and your nails are done!

So there you have it!  I have a lot more designs and tutorials that I want to do so stayed tuned!  If you want to share your nail art you can do so on my Facebook page!

Thanks for reading; follow and share if you like!

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