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Julep Maven Box: July 2012

Hey guys!  Today I'm going to show y'all the things that I got in my July Julep Maven box!  Theme for this month was all about sparkle and glitter, and boy do I LOVE glitter!!!  This month was a little different from the other months that I've been a maven.  You see, this month Julep was giving a free special polish to all of the mavens depending on where you live.  All of the American mavens got "America", a patriotic polish filled with small red, blue, and silver glitter and silver stars!  Canadian mavens got a clear polish filled with small red and iridescent glitter!  I had a hard time picking which box I would get, but in the end I decided to switch from American Beauty to Boho Glam and add on Mila and Freida. 

The shipping was incredibly fast, I got my box in three days to be exact!!  I'm definitely impressed by Julep's speedy shipping and awesome customer service!

Now let's get into the box!

Here's the inside of my box!  The fireballs were a nice touch, but I couldn't eat them because my stomach doesn't like spicy things! : (

Click the "Read More" button to see swatches of the lip gloss and polishes!

From Top to Bottom:  Julep Lip Vernis in Poppy, Georgia, Mischa, and America.

The extra that we got in our box this month was a Lip "Vernis".  I LOVE lip gloss so I was very excited to get this, but I was a little worried because I heard that the lip glosses that Julep had before weren't that great.  This lip gloss was one of the reasons that I chose this box in the first place, and I was definitely not disappointed!  Poppy is a rich coral color with gold shimmer throughout. 

I applied one coat of Poppy on my lips.  As you can see the lip gloss is quite sheer, but it did give a light wash of color to my lips.

Now onto the polishes!  The first color that I received is Georgia, a peachy coral color with gold shimmer.  Now, Julep mixed up the colors in this box, meaning that this color was suppose to be Mischa and the other polish that I'm going to show y'all later was Georgia, according to the email that we recieved on the 20th. 

The application was very smooth and the color covered very well.  2 coats

I did find a couple of close dupes of this color.  One close dupe is "Orange Blossom" by Love My Nails, which is slightly lighter but has similar golden shimmer.  Another close dupe is "Snappy Sorbet" by Sally Hansen, which is slightly lighter and has silver shimmer.

Next we have Mischa, a red with silver shimmer.

This color is really pretty, but is a little sheer.  I used two coats for the swatch and the coverage is okay, but I think applying a third coat or a placing a red base color would make the polish more opaque. 

You can see a little visible nail line going on!

The next polish that I got in my box is America!!! 

Sorry about the photo, my camera couldn't handle all of the awesomeness!  My polish was thick and a little challenging to apply, but I did manage to get three stars on each nail! 

Again, my camera couldn't handle all of this awesomeness!  2 coats

Now onto my add ons!

Top- Mila, from the It Girl box
Bottom- Freida, from the Bombshell box 

The first add on the I got is Freida, an electric fuchsia with silver micro shimmer. 

Freida has a similar finish like Mischa.  The application was great, but it's a tad bit sheer.   I could see my nail line after applying two coats, but it wasn't so noticeable to make me apply a third coat.  2 coats

 The other add on that I got is Mila, a charcoal multi-colored glitter.

THIS GLITTER IS AMAZING!!!  I'm so glad that I got this one.  The coverage is great, but the polish did get a little goopy when I applied my third coat.  3 coats

So there you have it!  I'm very happy with my box this month and I'm looking forward to next month's box!

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Thanks for reading!  Follow and share if you like! : )
Crystal <3

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