Friday, July 27, 2012

Indiana trip+ NOTW

I'm Back!!!! I had a wonderful time in Indiana, but I missed y'all so much!  My sister doesn't have Internet so I was Internet-less for a week, which was really hard!  Lol

First, I want to show a few pictures from my trip and later I'll show some pictures of my nails during the week!

This trip was very monumental to me.  Why?  Because it was my first time EVER on a plane!!  My family never travels by plane because of the cost and we've never had to travel anywhere that was farther than 12 hours away, yes we've drove 12 hours straight from my home in Texas to New Mexico!  I had mixed emotions about the trip, but I was excited to experience something new.  I'm deathly afraid of heights so for the first half of the trip I sat by the isle and didn't even think about looking out the window!  On our connecting flight I decided to sit by the window so I could take some pictures. 

I took this picture right after we left Chicago!  The view was so beautiful!!!

Click the "Read More" button to see more pictures from my trip and to see the polishes that I brought with me!

We made it to Indianapolis in 4 hours, verses the 19 hours that it would've taken if we would have drove.  To be honest, the plane ride wasn't that bad but I'm not a big fan of flying.  The part that I hated the most was flying through the clouds.  It felt like we were going over bumps in the road or something, except the road was 40,000 miles under you!!!!  Yea I had all kinds of worst case scenarios going through my head! Lol

When we finally got to our destination, Muncie, Indiana, we did some grocery shopping and I baked a birthday cake for my brother, his birthday was the day before we left.  The next day, July 18th, my sister took us around Muncie and her university!  On my birthday, July 19, we went shopping to some places that we don't have in my town.  I also went to Texas Road House for the first time, yes they have those in Texas just not in my town! Lol  After dinner, we went to the movies and saw "Madea's Witness Protection", it was an okay movie, and baked birthday cookies afterward!!!  I didn't do much for my birthday, but it was the best birthday that I have had to date!  : ) 

Of course it had to rain on my birthday, but after the storm was gone it looked yellow outside!

Did I mention that it was 9:13 PM when this picture was taken!!!  It didn't get dark until about 11PM that night!

A couple of days later was the BIG day, my sister's graduation.  My sister received her Masters of Science degree in Accounting!

Meet my family!!!  From L to R:  My baby brother, ME, my father, my sister, and my mother!

I'm so proud of my sister, she worked her bootaaay off to get her degree and she deserves it!  Woohooo go Veronika!

Now I'll show you what I was rocking on my nails that week!!!  I thought that I was going to bring a few polishes, but I ended up bringing 6 polishes and nail polish strips with me!

Here are the polishes that I brought with me!  Top from L to R:  NYC "Classic Coral Creme", Revlon "Sweet Tart", and Revlon "Waterfall".  Bottom from L to R:  Milani "Lavender Fizz", Wet n Wild "On A Trip", and China Glaze "Caribbean Temptation"!

I also took these Salon Effect Strips in Tri-bal It On, I will have a review on these soon!

The goal that I had with taking these polishes were to use ones that I haven't used before.  I didn't end up using all of the polishes that I brought with me, but I did get through quite a but of them.  I have Wet n Wild "On a Trip" with Milani "Lavender Fizz" on top on my toes.  The combo is gorgeous, but I don't want to break my camera or hurt y'alls eyes with a picture of my toes.  Lol

I wore the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips for a few days to test out the longevity of the product!

I'll have a review on this soon.

Next, I wore a combo with Revlon's "Sweet Tart" and NYC "Classic Coral Creme".

  The combo it gorgeous, but I had a big problem with the application of the Revlon polish.  I'm not sure if it was the weather or what, but applying the polish was very challenging!  I will have a full Nail Polish Spotlight on this combo in the future.

So there you have it!  I had an amazing time in Indiana and I can't wait to go back!  I hope y'all enjoyed this post.  I have a bunch of things to show y'all on here and on my Youtube Channel.  I'm hoping to be all caught up in the next few weeks!

Have any questions or request?  You can leave a comment below, on facebook, or email me at!

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Crystal <3

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