Friday, March 8, 2013

Sinful Colors Sugar Rush Collection!

Hey y'all!  Today I wanted to show you all the polishes that I got from Sinful Color's new spring collection.  The name of the collection is called Sugar Rush and it is filled with pastels and bright polishes that are perfect for the spring time!  I bought mine a couple of weeks ago when Walgreens had them on sale for $0.99!  You can watch my haul HERE.

Before I get to the swatches I want to thank Lizzy from The D.I.Y. Lady for offering to pick them up for me.  I must say that the ladies in the nail community have been some of the nicest people that I have "met" over the past year! For Lizzy to offer to do something like that, not even knowing who I was, really touched me! Thanks again Lizzy for being such a sweet person!

Now onto the polish goodness!

Here are my picks from the collection! From L to R:  Orange Cream, Unicorn, Sugar N Spice, Cotton Candy, Sweet Tooth, Candy Coated, and Sweet Nothing.

Click "Read More" to see swatches!

EDIT:  I didn't use a topcoat on my swatches.  Also, my nails were peeling a little bit so in some of the pictures it looks like the polish "bubbled" but it's just my nails acting up ( I need a buffer yo! lol).  I didn't have any bubbling issues with any of the polishes except Unicorn.  Enjoy! :)

 Orange Cream:  A pastel orange with subtle silver shimmer.

Orange Cream:  This is the color that I was the most excited about!  The color is so beautiful and the shimmer is really pretty (it's more noticeable in person), but the formula wasn't the best.  The application was a little patchy but I was able to reach full opacity in three thin coats.

 Unicorn:  A creamy pastel yellow.

Unicorn:  This is part of the permanent collection and the only reason why I got this is because I didn't have it and I also heard that they reformulated this shade.  Unicorn unfortunately is your stereotypical yellow polish.  It was a streaky mess and I had a hard time getting an even coverage on my nails.  It's not the worst yellow that I've used but it's certainly one that I wouldn't repurchase. (4 coats)

 Sugar N Spice: A medium hot pink shade with silver shimmer.

Sugar N Spice:  This color is pretty and is one of the more opaque polishes in the collection.  It's not that unique of a shade, but the silver shimmer is what made me pick it up!  One thing that I realized is that Sugar N Spice looks similar to Sinful Colors Cream Pink so I'll do a comparison post of those two polishes in the future. (2 coats)

 Cotton Candy: A light pink pastel shade with subtle silver shimmer.

Cotton Candy:  This is a great light pink shade for spring.  The formula was good but I wish the shimmer was more noticeable on nail.  (2 coats)

 Sweet Tooth:  A light lilac shade with some pink undertones and subtle silver shimmer.

Sweet Tooth:  This color was a surprise favorite for me!  I love the shimmer and pink tones in this color is so pretty!  The application (again) is great and even. (2 coats)

 Candy Coated:  A blue toned lavender with subtle blue/silver shimmer.

Candy Coated: This is another one of my favorites!  The main reason why I got this shade is because I heard that it was a dupe of OPI's You're Such a Budapest from their Euro Centrale collection.  The application is great and even.  (2 coats)

 Sweet Nothing:  A medium teal creme shade.

Sweet Nothing:  The application of this one was the best out of the collection (almost a one coater)!  It's not the most unique shade, but I'm kind of obsessed with teals at the moment so yea...I had to have it! Lol (2 coats)

So those are all of the colors that I got from the Sugar Rush collection.  I didn't pick up Sugar Rush because it looked like Color Club's Take Me to Your Chateau, which I have.  Overall, I really like this collection!  They only thing that I didn't like is the formula of Unicorn and wish the shimmer was more noticeable on the nail in the other colors.

I also picked up some more Sinful Colors polishes from the Almost Famous collection and will post swatches of those soon.

Did any of y'all pick up some colors from the Sugar Rush collection?  What are some of y'alls favorite spring collections from this year?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Crystal! I'm Crystal too! LOL I found your blog via someone else's blog...I'm kinda into nail polish too, with over 300 polishes. SMH! I don't have any of the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush polishes because I think I have polishes that look similar to most of these so I'll probably pass on them. I will say that Candy Coated is my fave of the collection. Did I see bubbling in some of the swatches? If so, I know I'd pass on these. Do you use a top coat over you polishes? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh btw...I don't really blog about nail polish or do any swatching, but I love reading nail polish and beauty blogs.

  2. Hi Crystal! I'm glad you've found my blog! My nails were acting up and my nail beds were peeling when I did my swatches : / that's why they look like they were bubbling. The only polish that I had bubbling issues with was Unicorn but the rest of them were fine. I didn't use a topcoat on these swatches. Thanks for reading! :)


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