Saturday, June 1, 2013

Julie G Frosted Gumdrops collection!

Hey guys so today I wanted to share some swatches of the JulieG Frosted Gumdrops collection.  I saw some bloggers talking about a great deal on where you could get the entire collection for $16 bucks with tax!  I wasn't going to get the collection at first (I didn't have the money at the time) but my mom was nice enough to get it for me. 

JulieG Frosted Gumdrops collection

I'm sure you guys have seen every blogger and their mom swatch these but I wanted to try these out with different types of topcoats.  In the swatches below I painted my nails with two coats of polish (with no base coat), then applied a shiny topcoat, and then a matte topcoat.  All of the polishes were easy to apply and only took two coats to reach full opacity.

 Crushed Candy:  A light purple polish with various sized silver glitter.

 Blueberry Fizz: A light blue polish with various sized silver glitter.

 Rock Candy: A medium teal polish with various silver glitter.

 Tangerine Dream:  A light orange polish with small gold glitter.

 Sugar Rush:  An orange coral polish with small gold glitter.

 Hot Cinnamon:  A red polish with small gold glitter.

I absolutely love this collection!  I pretty much wore these polishes all last month and loved the way they wore.  Even though I don't have a variety of textured polishes from other brands I have to say that the JulieG textured polishes are my favorite!

Which brand, in your opinion, has the best textured polishes?

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  1. Ohh I adore the blueberry fizz one! They're all really lovely though. I like the slight shimmer they all have and such a bargain too!

    Bethany Paige X (We currently have a giveaway running!)

    1. I agree Blueberry Fizz is my favorite! :)

  2. Blueberry fizz is also my favourite! Do you know if these are available in the uk?


    1. You can order them here ---> and they ship internationally.

  3. The whole collection is so gorgeous! :)

  4. I really want this collection! It looks amazing :)

  5. I definitely think you should get them! :)


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