Thursday, May 30, 2013

April 2013 Ipsy bag!

Ok so I know this is SUPER late but I wanted to share my thoughts on my April Ipsy bag because I absolutely LOVED it! You can watch me open it in my video HERE.

 April 2013 Ipsy bag

Ok so you might be thinking " this isn't the bag for April!"  I thought the same thing but then I noticed a note in my bag saying that my April bag didn't meet "quality" standards so they sent me this one instead.  It's cute...I guess but did have a horrific smell going on inside the bag.

Here are the items that I got in my bag:

Healthy Sexy Hair soy renewal:  This is an oil treatment that helps nourish your hair and eliminate frizz.  It also claims to help speed up the drying time on your hair if you use it right after you wash it.  I wasn't really sure if I would like this product but since I'm really into hair oils at the moment (I mean seriously about half of my hair care products are some type of oil) I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it.  I mainly used it after I washed my hair and it did help the drying time and left my hair nice and shiny but not greasy.  One thing I wish it did was make my hair softer.  My favorite hair oil at the moment, Proclaim Argan Oil Hair Treatment, makes my hair extremely soft and moisturized unlike the HSH soy renewal.  Overall, I wouldn't purchased this but if you like hair oils and the HSH line then you might want to try this out.

Mica Beauty Cosmetics shimmer powder in Earth:  I. LOVE. THIS. POWDAAA!  I wasn't sure how the color would look on my skin because it's lighter then what I would typically wear on my eyes but boy did this surprise me!  The powder was easy to work with and gave me just the right amount of shimmer on my eyes without being over the top.  I would recommend applying an eyeshadow base to help the pigment stick to the lids for better wear.

Be a Bombshell blush in Beach Please:  First, let me just say I love the name!  I personally don't use profanity but I see what they did there Be a Bombshell. ; )  Anyways, Beach Please is a bright fuchsia blush and I am soooo happy that I got this color because I've been looking for pink blush for some time now.  The blush is extremely pigmented and looks great against my skin.  If you're looking for a vibrant pink blush then this is it!

 Here's a quick swatch of Beach Please.

Sation nail polish in Of Corset I'll call You (OCICY):  This was another product that I was excited to try.  OCICY is a light bubblegum pink jelly polish.  If you want to achieve full opacity you'll probably have to use about 3-4 coats.  What I did in the swatch is apply two coats of OCICY, one coat of Essie Stroke Of Brilliance,  and then one more coat of OCICY on top.  I absolutely love these two together and can't wait to do more "jelly sandwiches" with this polish!

So that is all that I got in my April Ipsy bag!  I definitely think that Ipsy did an amazing job picking the products.  If you want to learn more about Ipsy then you can do so HERE (referral link).  

What was your favorite product from April's Ipsy bag?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Looks like a great bag :) Awesome goodies :)


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