Thursday, June 13, 2013

May Ipsy Bag Review

Hello ladies (and maybe gents), sorry for my mini hiatus!  Job hunting and life in general has been stressful this past week, but dwelling on that is not the point of this post so let's move on.  Today I want to share my FANTABULOUS May Ipsy bag.

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My May 2013 Ipsy Bag

Okay so remember in last month's Ipsy post I told y'all that Ipsy would send me an April bag...well here it is.  My artsy fartsy senses are tingling so I might get crafty and glam up this bag!

May Ipsy bag:  My camera did not like the colors of this bag!  I love the different shades of blue and orange paired with the chevron print.

Zoya nail polish in Gei Gei (the name on the label is a typo):  A light pink polish with fine silver shimmer.

Gei Gei is very pretty but the application wasn't the best.  I think you can achieve full opacity with two coats but I had some patching issues and had to paint three coats on my nails.  *The picture on the left is more color accurate than the one on the right.  (I'm still working on my editing skills -_-)

Yaby concealer in Buff:  Well as you can see this is definitely not my color but I'll see what I can do with it.  The concealer is really pigmented and I'm sure that it will cover blemishes well.

Anastasia brow gel:  I was in the need of a new brow gel so this came right on time.  So far I really like it but I don't think it's something I would repurchase because of the price.

Pacifica roller ball perfume in Island Vanilla:  I. LOVE. THIS. SCENT.  I've been really obsessed with vanilla scents lately and this one is perfect for the summer time with Tahitian vanilla, honey-jasmine, and tea notes. 

Mirabella sheer lip color in Posy:  LOVE this color!  The lipstick is a bit sheer (hence the name of the product) but it gives just enough color on the lips.  The swatch above shows the color on my skin after a few swipes.

*BONUS* Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow in Space Cowboy:  I received this eyeshadow for being an "active" member on the Ipsy website (honestly I'm not sure if that's accurate or not lol).  I was initially excited to try this since it was my first UD eyeshadow but was a little disappointed when I swatched it.  The color doesn't really show up on my skin and it seems like the eyeshadow is powdery and full of glitter.  I know that it's suppose to be really sparkly but really...if I were to pay $20+ on an eyeshadow it better be flawless and this wasn't in my opinion.  ***I'm not trying to be ungrateful for the bonus item, I'm just giving my opinion on the product***

*You can watch my May Ipsy video below!*

Overall, I think this is the best Ipsy bag that I've gotten!  I'm anxiously waiting for my June bag, which should be here in a week or so (unfortunately).  

Speaking of shipping, have any of you notice that your bags are getting to you later than usual?  Ipsy recently started using DHL to ship out Ipsy bags and let me just say I HATE IT.  This has caused my bags to come in about week and a half instead of the usual 3 days after they ship.  I know some people still have to wait longer than that but me and my impatient butt hates waiting that long for a package!  I've asked Ipsy about the shipping situation and they said that the warehouse that ships the bags find the best way to ship our bags to us.  If that's the case then I guess it's best to ship my bag from NC then get stuck in Georgia for several days THEN go all the way to Houston (about two hours SE from me) THENNN ship it to Dallas (about five hours North from me) and finally get to my house two days later!  I wish they would've just stuck with UPS then everybody would be happy... I think.  Rant over!

Anyways, are you signed up for Ipsy?  If not, then I would highly recommend that you do if you love trying new beauty products.  When you sign up for Ipsy you only pay $10 a month for 4-5 deluxe and full-size beauty samples.  They also come with great coupon codes so you can score awesome deals from the brands in that month's bag.  You can check out Ipsy's website HERE (referral link) to learn more.

Did you got your June Ipsy bag yet?  If so, let me know what you got!

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  1. Nice goodies in this month's bag :)

  2. i agree, the vanilla perfume is awesome! I got the lipstick in Pixie and it's super pretty.


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