Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Indian Sari inspired Nail Art #1

Hello ladies and gents! I'm starting to feel a little better today (I had the flu) so I thought I would go ahead and out up this post about my latest nail design! Earlier this month I was looking through some free downloads to use in my nail tutorials and found an Indian song. I was so mesmerized by the music that I wanted to come up with a nail design just so I can use that particular song. After hunting for some inspirational pictures online, I came across some photos of Indian saris and fell in LOVE! My brain immediately started working and I began drawing multiple designs based off of the saris that I found on the internet. I was originally going to do one tutorial, but I came up with so many designs that I decided to make this a mini-series! So here is the first design in the sari series and the picture that inspired it!

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