Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Birchbox (2012)

Hey guys!  Today I'm going to share what I got in my October Birchbox!

This month Birchbox partnered with Goop, a lifestyle website by Gwyneth Paltrow, to make a special Goop box.  We got an email asking us whether we wanted the Goop box or the regular box and I opted for the regular box.

You can watch my unboxing video HERE.
Click "Read more" to see the what I got in my box.

The contents of my box
LA Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover:  I was really excited to try out a new nail product and these polish remover pads worked very well.  I only need one pad to take off the polish on all of my fingers and the scent was very nice.  The only thing that I didn't like was the residue that the remover left on my fingers.
 Luna Fiber bar:  Let's be honest, does anyone like getting food from a beauty subscription service?  I wasn't at all too happy about getting this, but I did try it.  Let's just say that it's something that I would eat if there was absolutely nothing else to eat on this planet. 
 Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum:  Umm...well I'm pretty sure I won't be using this, but I wonder why they thought putting sunscreen in a box at the beginning of fall was accurate.
Sprout Lip Balm: This was a product that I wasn't mad about getting, but I would've liked something different. I do use lip balm seldom so I guess this will come in handy one day. I must say that this smells just like cocoa powder...can we say fabulous!!!

Mary-Lou Manizer:  This was the product that I was the most excited to get!  The powder applies nicely and the color adds a nice glow to the skin.  One thing that I will say is that I wish it was a tad darker.  Being a woman of color, this powder was a bit too bright for my skin and I have to use a very light hand when I apply this product.
So there you have it!  Did you get a Birchbox?  Leave a link to your post/video or list them in the comments.
Overall, this month's box was okay, but it was my last box.  I think the program is great, but I wasn't happy with the samples that I was getting.
Thanks for reading.  Follow and share if you like!
Crystal <3

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