Tuesday, April 3, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix Polish Review

I've wanted to try this new type of nail polish that everyone and their mom have been talking, which is magnetic nail polish. The only thing that had stopped me from purchasing them in the beginning was the price of them. Most of the companies that were selling them had them for around $15-$16! To me, that's just way too much to spend on a trendy polish that I might not like; so when I heard that China Glaze was coming out with a line of magnetic polishes I was extremely excited! The CG ones were less than half the price of the higher end magnetic nail polishes and had more variety of colors and magnet designs. I purchased my polishes at Sally's Beauty Supply while they had the buy 2 get the magnet free sell. These are the colors I purchased:

China Glaze Magnetix "Pull Me Close"

China Glaze Magnetix "Drawn To You"

China Glaze Magnetix magnet with the Star, Chevron, and Diagonal magnets

The colors are beautiful and the magnet is just adorable! But, when I tried the polish for the first time I did have some difficulties with getting the design to look crisp and precise on the nail. After a few times I did eventually get the hang of it, but I still wasn't impressed with the overall look of the finished design.

For this demo I did the magnet designs over two coats of polish on my index, middle, and ring fingers and one coat over my pinkie finger.

This blue color did give a more dramatic design with the magnets than the light purple color, but I did have some issues with the polish lifting up from my nails and onto the magnet.

I'm not sure if I should blame the magnet, the polish, or myself but I really was disappointed because the nails on the packaging are so deceiving and it made me believe that magnet would actually pick up the design on my entire nail when in reality, it only took affect on the top of my nails. Another thing that I didn't like too much was the way the design faded after I took the magnet away from the nail. I tried holding the magnet for about 30 second to see if the design would stay better that way and I still didn't see an improvement. I want to try these polishes with different magnets to see if the magnet is the one to blame in the situation. I also want to try different brands of magnetic polishes to see if the formulas and/or the magnets could can work with each other.

My finished mani- Left hand

Right hand

Overall, I do like the colors alone and the magnet does give a nice settle design to your nails, but it isn't as dramatic and precise like the higher end magnetic polishes. I do believe that these are a good deal, they were around $6 at Sally's, but I would skip on the magnet and buy a higher end magnetic polish and use the magnet that comes with it instead. If you want to watch my video review of these polishes the click,here. Also don't forget to check out my YouTube channel,CDesigns92, to view more reviews, nail tutorials, and other nail/beauty videos.
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