Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tutorial: Rebecca Minkoff Inspired Nail Art

Hey guys I today I'm going to show y'all a nail design that I did a while ago that was inspired by a Rebecca Minkoff handbag that I saw on Hautelook a few months ago.

 Rebecca Minkoff inspired nails
Here is the purse that inspired the nail design
(Source: Hautelook)
Click "Read More" to see the tutorial

Let's get started with the tutorial!

 Here are the polishes that I used!  From L to R: SH Beige Blast, Essie Sand Tropaz, CG Mahogany Magic, SC Black on Black, and Milani Gold
Step 1:
First, paint your index, middle, and pinkie fingers beige (SH Beige Blast) and your thumb and ring fingers brown (CG Mahogany Magic).
Step 2:
Paint cheetah print on your thumb and index fingers with dark brown polish (I mixed my base color with a black polish for my cheetah print).  The cheetah print represents the signature lining that is inside of RM bags.  Then paint dots on your other nails with a nude polish that is a few shades darker than its base color (Essie Sand Tropaz).
Step 3:
Go over the dots with your base color (SH Beige Blast) with a smaller dotting tool.  This will give the design a textured or "3D" look.

Step 4:
Place gold glitter (Milani Gold) in between the dots that you painted on your index, middle, and pinkie fingers.

Apply a top coat and your design is finished!

You can watch the tutorial for this design HERE!
I hope you found this tutorial helpful!  You can share your nail art our acebook page HERE.  You can also check out my Nail tutorial play list on my YouTube channel HERE to see more nail designs that I've done.
Thanks for reading.  Follow and share if you like!
Crystal <3

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