Friday, December 28, 2012 + Kleancolor Swatches (Pic Heavy)

Hey y'all!  I hope everyone had a great holiday with their loved ones.  Today I have some Kleancolor polishes to share with you all that I got from is a wholesale distributor based out of Los Angelas, California. sells all types of fashion accessories (jewelry, makeup, nail polish, etc.) in bulk at reasonable prices.  They were kind enough to send me some polishes to share with you all.

From L to R:  Golden Nightmare, Plum, 24 Karat, City Never Sleeps, Take A Hint, and Holo Pink.
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 Golden Nightmare:  A black base with small gold glitter/shimmer.

This is such a pretty polish!  The gold shimmer is more noticeable in person and really makes a difference in how the polish looks on the nails.  (2 coats)

Plum:  A nice medium burgundy color.  This almost reminds me of OPI Casino Royale from the James Bond collection!  I'll have to do a comparison post on the two in the future.

Again, another pretty color.  This color is perfect for fall!  (2 coats)
24 Karat:  This is a polish full of glitter!  There's small gold, silver, and holo glitter mixed with some holo diamond glitter.

My camera could NOT handle this polish!!!  The glitter is sooo sparkly and it was easy to apply.  I didn't have to fish out any of the diamond glitters and it's just PRETTY!  (1 coat over KC Plum)
 City Never Sleeps:  Another multi-glitter polish in a light lilac base.

This polish is another winner!  The surprise lilac base seemed a little strange, but it works in a strange way.  The glitter was easy to apply and distributed very evenly on the nail. (1 coat over Finger Paints Aren't You Glad-iolous?)
 Take A Hint:  A light pink base with small and medium iridescent glitter.

 OMG!!!!!  This polish surprised me!  When I was trying out different base colors for this, I was amazed at how good it looks over dark and light polishes!  Take a Hint has a multi-color effect depending on which angle you look at it that is absolutely amazing! (2 coats over Sinful Colors Black on Black)

 (2 coats over Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac)
I thought to myself, "I wonder what this would look like with a matte topcoat?"  *Swoon* I think I love it even more with a matte topcoat!


 Holo Pink:  A light pink polish filled with micro pink and holo shimmer.

I love holographic polish and this one is a nice addition to my small holo polish collection.  (3 coats)
Okay are y'all still with me? sells a variety of polishes from Kleancolor, Santee, and Nabi for a great price.  Remember is a wholesale distributor so when you order a polish you will get 6 for the price (in this case 6 Kleancolors for $3).  Not bad if you sell polishes, but if you don't sell polish you can keep one for yourself give the others away to friends or keep them as backups if you love the color that much!
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Crystal <3
 (**polishes were provided for review)

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