Monday, February 4, 2013

Week in Review: Jan. 28, 2013- Feb. 3, 2013

Hey guys!  So it's Monday...

I kinda got into the Superbowl game last night and forgot to do my week in review post! Oops! >.<
I'm was so happy that the Ravens won! (Sorry 49ers fans)  I think it was a great way for Ray to end his career and their my second team that I root for if my babies I mean favorite team, Pittsburgh Steelers, gets knocked out in the playoffs!  What did you guys think of Beyonce's half time performance?  I thought it was OK...  Her performance seemed repetitive, like I've seen her do all of those dance moves and the screen things on different awards shows before. (Don't hate me) *hides in a corner*

Anyway, here's what happened on CDesigns92 last week:



2012 Favorites Pt. 2| Nail Polish, Collections, and MORE!

We Be Haulin' (Haul)| Maybelline Vivids, Zoya, OPI, + MORE

Julep Maven Box (February 2013)| American Beauty + Add-Ons

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