Saturday, May 5, 2012

Zoya Earthday Haul!

Hey y'all!!!

Today I'm going to show y'all all of the goodies that I got during the Zoya Earth day promotion!  I've heard of Zoya before but I've never had the chance to see one in person or own any of their polishes.  One day I was playing around Facebook and saw someone post a picture from Zoya talking about the Earth day promotion.  Basically you have to buy a minimum of 6 polishes and you get them half off the regular price, $8, which means that you would get them for $4 each!  The next part of the promotion is to send off the same amount of polish that you purchased for the exchange.  The polishes you send back can be from any brand except for Zoya. 

Zoya always have great deals for people that create an account with them. Click HERE to create an account and get a free nail polish!  If you buy two other polishes you get free shipping, which is about the price of a polish anyway so it's like getting three polishes for the price of one! 

Here is what I got in my package!

I liked the little package note! Thank you Hanna! Lol
Here are the polishes!

Shelby from the Beach collection

Wednesday from the Beach collection

Rory from the Surf collection

Zuza from the Surf collection

Reece from the Reverie collection

Happi from the Reverie collection

You can watch my haul video and see swatches of the polishes HERE!

I must say I love Zoya nail polishes! I already have another list of polishes that I want for next year!  Now for the exchange part, I had a hard time picking which polishes I was going to send them because I'm so attached to the polishes in my collection.  I still have some polishes from when I was in 5th grade, which is the time I really got into nail polish.  I eventually picked 6 and thought I would show them to you!

I got the Cover girl polish when my church was giving away cosmetics to people about 6 years ago!  The two Wild and Crazy polishes were my sister's then I took them after she left for college, these are about 8 years old!

These three NYC polishes are some of the first polishes that I had when I was younger!  I loved these because they were cheap and came in a lot of different colors, as you can see I was really into pink back in the day!  Lol I've had these bad boys since I was in 5th grade, about 10 years!!!

Did y'all buy anything from the Zoya Earth Day promotion?  If so, you can leave a comment below or post a picture to my Facebook page, CDesigns92!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. i really like zoya wednesday. i'm debating if i should actually get it tho.


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