Friday, June 1, 2012

Lots O'Dots Nail Art!

Hey y'all!!!!  Long time no talk!
Today I'm going to show y'all a nail design that I came up with using my new dotting tools!!!  It's a fairly simple design that anyone can do and it only requires two polishes!!!

You can watch the tutorial for this design HERE!
I tried to do this design a while back but it was a complete FAIL!  I just came up with this design in my head, but after I finished doing my nails it kind of reminded me of something you would see on fabric or a sari!  I'm very pleased with the way it turned out!  Although it was time consuming, the end result makes up for the hours that it took to complete this cute design!

Here are some more pics of this fabulous design!!!

BK wanted my attention!!! Isn't he cute?! >.<

Check out BK in the background checking out my polishes!

And there it is!  If y'all try this design I would love to see it!!! You can post pictures of y'alls cute manis on my Facebook page!  Don't forget to check out the tutorial for this design HERE!

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE 7/15/12:  I've entered this design for The Lacquerologist's 6 month blog anniversary contest!!!  You can check it out HERE


  1. wow !
    i saw the video, it needs quite a lot of patience to do it,
    I am so awkward that i only use stamping !

    1. Haha I definitely had to have a lot of patience with this design! I don't have stamping plates, but I'm sure that would've made the process ten times faster!


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