Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nail Polish Spotlight: Zoya Zuza + A little announcementt!!

Hello everybody!!!  Before I talk about the polish in the spotlight, I just want to say thank you to everybody that has visited my blog and read my posts.  Today I was surprised to see that there have been 1,500 page views on my blog!!!  I couldn't have never imagined that me, a small town girl, would have that many page views in this short amount of time.  I really do enjoy blogging and sharing my love for polish with others!  I started blogging as a way to keep my mind occupied on something that I love instead of something negative, which is what I was doing before.  I don't want to share my sob story but I do want to say that blogging has given me a better outlook on life!!!  Even though I don't have many followers I still love logging onto my little corner of the internet and writing about polish, but y'all could definitely follow my blog if you want! Lol

Now let's get to the nail polish spotlight shall we!!!

Today I'm going to talk about a polish that I just love to pieces!!!!  That polish is Zoya Zuza, a turquoise foil metallic polish with silver and gold shimmer.  When I first saw this polish I immediately fell in love with it because blue is my absoulte favorite color!  I also fell in love with the fact that it was a very unique polish that I've never seen before!!!!  I. LOVE. ZUZA!!! *_*

Just check out this color for yourself!

The application of this polish is absolutely flawless, I only needed two coats to achieve full opacity.  The only thing that I had an issue with was removing this polish, blue and green polishes tend to stain your nails.  Zuza didn't stain my nails too much, but it did stain my skin.  I could say that Zuza is with out a doubt my favorite blue polish in my collection!  It might even be my favorite polish in my entire collection, which is saying a lot beca I have a crapload of polish!  I wore this polish for a full seven days without a chip in sight, I almost kept it on for another week but decided it was time to give Rory a shot (post coming soon!)

I absoulutely LOVE this polish and would hurt anyone who would even think about taking it from me, yeah I'll knock you out! Lol just kidding!

Definately head over to and check out Zuza and the reast of the polishes in the Beach & Surf collections, you won't be disapointed.  You can also make an account and get a free polish on your first purchase by clicking HERE.  Zoya always have great promotions going on.  Right now they have a promo where you get a trio of polishes for 50% off + $4 shipping!!!

What are your thoughts about Zoya Zuza?  Do you have Zuza and love it as much as I do? Tell me in the comments below!!!

Now for the announcement!!!  My birthday is right around the corner, I'll be turning 20 on July 19th, and I want to do a little something special for y'all!  I'm not sure what I'll do yet or when I'll do it, but I do have a question!  If I were to have a giveaway would y'all like nail polish and nail art rhinestones or just nail polish?  Let me know in the comments below!!!

Thanks for reading!  Follow and share if you like!
Crystal <3


  1. Personnaly i would prefer both, nail polish and nail art.
    I agree, this colour is just gorgeous !

    1. Thank you! I'm planning on having a few nail art type prizes for my next giveaway! : )


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