Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pure Ice: Top Underwear Shades for 2013! (Pic Heavy)

Hey y'all I hope you all have had a great day so far!  Today I have some polish combos from Pure Ice's Top Underwear polishes for 2013! 

There's a lot to see so let's get started!

Click "Read More" to see the pairs of "underwear" that I got! ; )

1st Pair:  Free Fall and Draped

Free Fall:  A medium toned hot pink with a slight blue shimmer. (2 coats)

Draped:  A gorgeous velour pink polish with flecks of gold and purple.

Here's one coat of Draped over Free Fall.  I wasn't sure which color was suppose to be on top and which was suppose to be the base because this particular pair wasn't one of the choices. These two polishes are opaque on there own so I wasn't too sure why this was paired together, but they are both beautiful colors nonetheless.

2nd Pair:  A-List and Stop Flirtin

A-List: A light blue polish with a pearl finish.  A-List is a little tricky to work with.  The polish would drag if you didn't leave enough time for it to dry in-between coats and you could also see some brush strokes.  The original base color for this combo is suppose to be Blue Midnight, but mine unfortunately broke in transit. ( 2 careful coats)

Stop Flirtin:  Medium silver glitter and small light blue glitter in a clear base.

Here is two coats of Stop Flirtin over A-List.  Stop Flirtin kind of looks like a dupe of Gone Gonzo from OPI's Muppets Collection.

3rd Pair:  Touch Me Softly and Keep Walking

Touch Me Softly:  A medium purple polish in a velour finish with silver and black shimmer.  (2 coats)

Keep Walking:  Small and medium purple glitter in a clear base.

Here is two coats of Keep Walking over Touch Me Softly.  My camera was acting up and didn't really get a clear shot of the glitter. :' (

4th Pair:  All Nighter and Pardon My French

All Nighter:  A deep burgundy.  ( 2 coats)

 Pardon My French:  A black jelly based polish with small and medium rose gold glitter.

Here is two coats of Pardon My French over All Nighter.  To be honest, I don't think that Pardon My French needed a base color because it is pretty opaque on its own, but if you did need a base color I would recommend a black instead of All Nighter. 
5th Pair:  Party Hard and Five Some
Party Hard:  A deep navy blue, almost black, creme.  ( 2 coats)

 Five Some:  A polish filled with blue and pink small glitter and gold micro glitter in a black base.

Here is one coat of Five Some over Party Hard.  Five Some is another polish that can achieve full opacity on its own.  I've also heard that Five Some is a close dupe of Butter London's Black Knight.  (Sorry for the messy clean-up.)

So there are some of Pure Ice's Top Underwear Polishes for 2013!  I've been really pleased with Pure Ice lately.  They've been coming out with lots of cool glitters, cremes, and other neat polishes.  You can find Pure Ice Polish at Walmart and I believe they're coming out with some new shades in the next coming months!

You can follow Pure Ice on Facebook HERE and check out their website HERE.

Which combo was your favorite?

Thanks for reading; follow and share if you like!
Crystal <3

(**Polishes were sent for review)

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