Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Mani!

Happy New Year!!!!!

I for one am very happy that 2012 is over!  2012 is definitely one that I wouldn't want to re-live so I'm excited to turn some things around and kick off 2013 with some positivity!  Although I did have quite a few bad experiences this past year, I did have some good things happen too!  I started vlogging/blogging, I flew on a plane for the first time, and I got to visit my grandma and other family members in NM for Thanksgiving (I hadn't seen some of them in over 3 years)!

Now let's get to my NYE mani!

When I think of New Years I think of glitter, metallic, and MORE GLITTER!!!  So when I was trying to figure out what type of nail I wanted to do I knew that I had to do a glitter gradient!

Here are the polishes that I used!  From L to R: CG Golden Enchantment, CG Cleopatra, Milani OCG in Gold, WnW Goldmine, SH Thinking of Blue, and Pure Ice Party Hard.  I also used a makeup sponge to do the gradient.

I just love glitter gradients!!!  My pictures will not do this mani justice; it looks so much better in real life! 

I also thought that I would share some of my New Year Resolutions with y'all!
  • I want to get a job so I can save up some money and move out of my home town for good!
    • I've been struggling to find a job in my small town for almost a year, but I think I might have something in the works in the coming weeks!
  • Go back to art school
    • After I graduated high school I attended an art school in Dallas.  I did transfer to a university after a year, but that didn't work out so I moved back home and took a year off.  Now I have had some time to think and I want to go back to the art school in Dallas and continue pursing my degree in Interior Design.
  • Live a healthier lifestyle
    • I've started researching and working on my eating habits and workouts, but I want to take it to the next level.  Not only do I want to better myself physically, but I also want to better myself mentally and spiritually.  I must admit that I have a bad habit of letting negativity stick and have a hard time accepting any type of compliments or positive things that happen to me.
  • Get back to my "artsy fartsy" mode
    • I used to love all things art related, but in the past couple of years I've lost my love for it and haven't touched a pencils and markers in ages!  I'm not the best drawer or sculptor but I really want to better my skills and find the love that I once had for art.
  • To blog/vlog more
    • I just started vlogging in February and blogging not too long after.  I know I haven't really been consistent with either, but I've been trying to figure out what I exactly want to vlog/blog about.  This year I want to post about 2-3 blog post and 2 videos per week so I can interact more with you all.  You can check out my YouTube channel HERE.
So there you go!  What are some of your resolutions or things that you want to improve on in 2013?  I hope you all have had a great holiday season and I hope that 2013 will be a great year for everyone!

Thanks for reading; follow and share if you like!
Crystal <3
(**Pure Ice polish was sent for review)

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